Newport Channel - Newport Beach, California
GPS   -  N   33degree  37.218'   -    W   117degree 55.726'

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Hello, My name is Rick, my friend Neal (my music teacher) and I fish this spot all the time, it's a natural channel that runs thru Newport Harbor. Well we decided to create a web page of people fishing and fish caught there. I've been fishing The Rail (Newport Channel) for 30 plus years, we have always called it The Rail for obvious reasons, on a map it's called Newport Channel, it's a great fishing spot on the right tide. I caught two monster halibut last year. The Rail is way back in the harbor so tide speed is important not so much the tide height. Our main bait is a 1/4 oz. leadhead with a plastic grub, small rod and 4lbs. test line. To see the tackle box I use at The Rail Click here. Sometimes we jig up live bait (jack smelt), soaking a lively is always a good thing, you'll have more chance for catching halibut with live bait.

This site is for pictures of people fishing and fish caught at "The Rail" so surf back to see new pictures posted. If you have any pictures you would like me to post just email them to me at and in the subject put THE RAIL PICS and tell me about catching them.

How do you get there?
Well I have a GPS reading of - N 33degree 37.218' W 117degree 55.726' or here is a GoogleEarth Picture of The Rail.
It's private parking, so park at your own risk.
Don't forget to check the tides before you go. California Tide Charts

Fishing Information
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What is the Spotted Sand Bass? - Click here to see what the DFG says it is (Paralabrax maculatofasciatus)

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